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Matty grew up in what was a very rural part of Maryland on a small horse farm, his father a State Trooper and mother a bookkeeper.  The youngest of six children with four girls and an identical twin brother (Mikey), church was an on again off again part of his childhood


He became a Christian as a young adult. His parents took the family to an evangelical service where Matt and his twin brother (born into this world together) were also born again into the next at the very same time.


Matty attended Lancaster Bible College for ministry training.  While working as a full-time pastor he met and married his beautiful bride Judy to whom he is still married after 28 years.


Matty is a bi-vocational pastor. He works full-time as the Marketing Manager for Carl’s Door Service. In addition, after serving as pastor of Delta Community Church, he and Judy knew they were to combine their work with FCC to serve together as one ministry. They look forward to finding their place in God’s will in the presence of the family called Faith Community Chapel.

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